We invented EQ-Voice™ for people who spend a lot of time in noisy environments. Whether it’s on a construction site, on a boat, on the lawn mower, or at the raceway. EQ-Voice™ allows you to listen to Hi-fidelity music while our Noise Reducing Flexfoam™ Eartips block out up to 30% of environmental background noise. And, with a flip of a switch, EQ-Voice™ enables you to take clearer, louder phone calls without ever having to leave that site.

EQ-Voice™, is a dual mode controller built on to your ToughTested earbuds.


In the Music or Call modes, EQ Voice optimizes the audio experience. The on- board equalizer is programmed to enhance music fidelity by balancing the bass and treble while the volume is limited to a safe 85 db.


In the Calls mode, the equalizer is programmed to deliver clean and clear voice by amplifying the frequencies common to human speech and trimming away the unnecessary treble and bass frequencies needed for music. EQ Voice™ in some models also measures background noise and adjusts call volume accordingly while helping to reduce the influence of environmental noise on call quality.