In 2011 ToughTested introduced the first cellphone charger designed for trucks, featuring a heavy duty 12 ft. cord and extreme temperature tolerance. The success of that Pro Charger led to a dedicated team designing and building industrial grade products based on our expertise in power, audio, and device protection.

ToughTested products are built to meet the demands of professionals; 12 hour work shifts, noisy trucks, unpaved roads, extreme conditions and continuous use, on or off the job. We use longer and heavier cords, higher amperage, longer battery life, more durable materials, extreme temperature tolerant components and higher grade plastics and hardware, Our gear is designed to be dependable, and we stand behind every product we make. All tested to limits beyond industry standards, 5 times beyond. That's our 5 year warranty.

We bleed ToughTested black and’s our color, our uniform. Part of our DNA. Like you, we're about time tested authenticity. On long dusty roads and in wet, muddy job-sites. For 18 wheels or 18 mile hikes. In pouring rain or raging dust storms.

On or off the grid, you'll want ToughTested.



Those who rely on power, preparedness and durability to compete at the highest levels put ToughTested in the toolbox. We use Kevlar fiber in our cables so they don't break under pressure. Our portable jumpstarters are ready in an instant and our 5 year warranty means our gear won't quit while you're ahead.


We started in America's big rigs and diesel stops. We listened to North American drivers and mechanics and added durability, features and indestructible materials to our cables and chargers. That led to audio products, accessories, earbuds, headphones, mounts, lights, new technologies and new markets. To our longest standing friends, customers and advisors, thank you. We are your biggest fans.


There is a difference between a hill and a mountain, a pond and a bay, and a weekend outing vs. an "I-will-never-forget-that" weekend adventure. Some casual athletes choose ToughTested because of its unique features, Instasense™, Apple Certification, and our 5-year warranty. And some choose ToughTested because it's the brand they depend on when pushing themselves and their gear to the limit. This unique breed needs unique products.


We're honored to have our country's military personnel as some of our best customers. Enlisted military men and women and veterans rely on ToughTested in the field, on the base and at rest. With weatherproof engineering and noise cancelling technology, ToughTested products are relied on by land, sea and air. It's the least we can do.


If there is one category of customer that defines the need for dependability, it's this one. Professionals responding to fire, law, medical, marine, and power emergencies are often away from electricity for hours, even days. ToughTested makes durable chargers with extended-life batteries, heat and water-resistant cases, and virtually indestructible cables and connectors. When the first help arrives, ToughTested is there to answer the call with them.


You can't fix what you can't see. If your electronics quit, or your earbuds break in the middle of your theme song, the job suffers. Engineering, materials and time tested design make ToughTested as handy as that favorite wrench and screwdriver.