Hearing Protection


It’s not just your parent or your grandparent whose hearing may be slipping. A 25-year-old can have the ears of a 50-year-old and not even know it.

  • Nothing can restore lost hearing and it occurs so gradually that it’s hardly noticeable.
  • But hearing loss caused by noise is preventable and you can choose to prevent it.

  • Noise-induced hearing loss may happen slowly over time. Being exposed to everyday noises, such as listening to very loud music, being in a noisy work environment, or using a lawn mower, can lead to hearing loss over many years.

  • Hearing loss can begin at noise levels above 85db like the sounds of heavy traffic, a power lawnmower or even a shouted conversation.
  • Approximately 30 million workers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise on the job.

  • When you cannot control the source of the noise, Protective ear buds or earmuffs with adequate Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) can protect your ears by helping to reduce environmental background noise.
  • (Ears come in all shapes and sizes. Proper use of any hearing protection device, including ToughTested FlexFoam™ Eartips is key to obtaining tested NRR and optimizing hearing.