SINCE 2011

In 2011 ToughTested introduced the first cellphone charger designed for trucks, featuring a heavy duty 12 ft. cord and extreme temperature tolerance. The success of that Pro Charger led to a dedicated team designing and building industrial grade products based on our expertise in power, audio, and device protection.

ToughTested products are built to meet the demands of professionals; 12 hour work shifts, noisy trucks, unpaved roads, extreme conditions and continuous use, on or off the job. We use longer and heavier cords, higher amperage, longer battery life, more durable materials, extreme temperature tolerant components and higher grade plastics and hardware, Our gear is designed to be dependable, and we stand behind every product we make. All tested to limits beyond industry standards, 5 times beyond. That's our 5 year warranty.

We bleed ToughTested black and orange..it’s our color, our uniform. Part of our DNA. Like you, we're about time tested authenticity. On long dusty roads and in wet, muddy job-sites. For 18 wheels or 18 mile hikes. In pouring rain or raging dust storms.

On or off the grid, you'll want ToughTested.