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Pro+ Charging Cable

The ToughTested® Pro+ Charging Cable is the only USB cable that has a safe-charge switch that monitors, reacts, and protects your device from dangerous voltage and current disturbances.

Power surges and voltage irregularities can occur more than 1000 times each year.
Affects more than 20 million homes, business, and vehicles every year.
Power spikes and surges can degrade your battery and destroy your data, photos, and videos

Protect Your Most Valuable Device’s

Battery Life
Photos & Videos
Contacts & Data

Charge, Sync, & Protect

The Safe-Charge circuit breaker monitors and protects devices from overcurrent or overvoltage; a second line of defense for your device. It automatically shuts off power to the connected device when damaging voltage or current is detected. Real time monitoring will reset the switch when the current returns to a normal, safe range.

Durable & Tested

Chemical Resistant

Resistant to common chemicals like Diesel fuel, gasoline, oils, and other solvents.

Heat Resistant

Temperature tolerant from -30 to 160 degrees.

Abrasion Resistant

Woven polymer cable jacket is highly resistant to scratching and abrasion.

Experience Safe Charge Technology