Meet the ToughTested Ambassadors


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  • Is what you are doing now, what you always wanted to do growing up?
  • Yes, I have always wanted to race cars for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was younger I had watched my dad race and watch NASCAR with him on the television, it was obvious I wanted to invest myself in racing at a young age. As I began to follow my dream, I’ve faced some adversities, but I kept pushing.
  • If you are not at the track, what are you doing?
  • I am working at a vet clinic or working on my race car. Between these things and the charities I am involved in, I have a lot to balance every day so I don't sleep much and don't have much of a social life, haha.
  • What types of charities are you involved with?
  • Some charities I support are the One Love Pit Bull Foundation because the best dog is a rescue dog. I also support the Gary Sinise Foundation as I feel we need to do more for our veterans who serve this wonderful country. I am a strong support of the Beatitude Campus as well as they support senior citizens. The program helps support initiatives and programs for the campus like Comfort Matters for Alzheimer's treatment, and they have a commitment to assist residents who need financial help.
  • Who are your biggest influencers?
  • I have always looked up to my sister. She has been not only my sister but my best friend. When we were young she was very hard to follow in school. She was a top student and athlete. For me being an athlete in sports or studies did not come easy. She would always encourage me to try harder and it worked. In high school she faced some medical issues that she fought very hard to overcome. In spite of them she went on to play college basketball and become a professional cyclist. She is the kind of person when she puts her mind to something nothing will stand in her way. She works very hard, harder than most, to achieve her goals. It always amazes me. She can be a rock in hard times.
  • What makes you tough?
  • What makes me tough is my ability to not be stopped by setbacks. Having something unexpected happen doesn't mean you have to quit, but rather find another way to succeed.
  • What are your favorite ToughTested products and why?
  • 1. The Solar Power Bank with Flashlight because I can charge it on my dash on my way to the track and it will be good for the entire race weekend to charge all my needed phones, GoPros and iPads.

    2. My Jobsite Earbuds because they have great quality sound and the noise cancellation is awesome. I can be in my race car with it running and still be able to hear music and focus on my upcoming race.

    3. I also love my wireless speaker and power bank. I take it everywhere-shower, track and by the pool.
  • Words to live by?
  • Be humble and be appreciative while you dream, believe, and achieve.