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Did You Know?

When on the job, whether it’s driving a truck, working a construction site, landscaping job, or out working the oil fields, communication is key to the operation of most businesses today. Electronic devices have changed the way most businesses operate and are integrated into today’s work environments more and more every day. Having your device safe, secure and at hand when you need it is crucial.

There are plenty of protective cases out there designed to protect your devices from extreme conditions, but the bigger the device and the bulkier the case, the harder it is to carry. If having your phone handy, whatever your job site is crucial to getting through your day, you want it to be secure wherever you clip it on.

A disabled device means a loss of productivity in today’s workplace. Have your device safe and secure and right where you need it, where ever your job may take you.

  • Nearly 6.5 million people work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the nation on any given day.

  • The boom in the country of oil field workers has put more and more workers at remote sites away from their companies, families and supervisors.

  • More and more tradesmen and contractors rely on their devices to take photos, record and send documents, and communicate with work crews, customers, and their families.

  • From time tracking, to equipment monitoring, to connecting to company information using mobile devices the integration of mobile devices into the workplace is growing at a rapid pace.

ToughTested Phone Case on Belt

3 Cases To Fit The Most Popular Phones On The Market

3 Cases To Fit The Most Popular Phones3 Cases To Fit The Most Popular Phones

Points of Protection

  • Stainless steel or strong molded ABS plastic belt clips.

  • Proprietary design rotating, locking belt clip for belts up to 2.5”

  • Added security of Velcro or strong magnetic closures

  • Sure-lock molded ABS or steel flap lock closures

  • Belt through loops for horizontal or vertical mounting (Original Rugged only)

  • Belt loop/backpack/luggage carabineer for an extra point of security (original Rugged only)

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