The Lumens in your Rugged Device Matter

When looking at the capability of your rugged flashlights, wattage is important, but what about lumens?

What’s A Lumen?

Lumens measure the amount of light that is emitted from a source, such as a light bulb or flashlight – and yes, it’s different than a Watt. The Lumen is an SI derived unit (International System of Units) of a luminous flux, which is the measure of the perceived power of light.


What’s the difference between Lumens and Watts?


When you’re shopping for a light bulb, trying to find the brightest of them all, what are you looking at first? The amount of Watts it has? Probably.


Let’s break down the difference:


Lumens refer to the brightness of a light source. More Lumens = brighter light. Watts are an SI derived unit of power. They refer to the amount of electricity consumed by the source.

The graphic compares Lumens to Watts (Incandescent & LED). The Lumen to Watt ratio will be different based on the light source.

Focused Beams and Floodlight

Focused Beams


Focused Beams, or Spotlights, are exactly what they sound like. These are what you’ll see at the theater when one of the actors is reciting the monologue. The beam of light streaming down from the ceiling only illuminates the one person who is speaking. The light being projected has a more narrow and concentrated beam, usually no wider than 45 degrees. In the Tough Tested Jolt All Purpose Jump Starter, the flashlight installed in the jump starter has focused beams. The 1000 lumens flashlight within the rugged all-purpose jump starter and the Pocket Jump Starter + Power Bank will help start a variety of vehicles efficiently. The light is focused so you can get the job done.




While focused beams light up a specific spot, floodlight can reach a much, much broader space with 120 degrees of lighting. Floodlights are often used to light up everything from a house to football stadiums. Our powerhouse products like our portable battery car charger or our portable charger are not customized for floodlight, but rather focused for the best usage possible. 


ToughTested Lights and Lumens


You’ll find focused beams in products such as the ToughTested Beacon, a high-powered 100-200 lumen flashlight with SOS flashing red LED mode for emergencies. Even the red emergency light has a LED of 120. 


Or there is ToughTested’s Jolt, the ultimate multi-purpose flashlight jumpstarter. This unique emergency preparedness tool has a 1000 lumen flashlight with a Cree bulb that can jumpstart any 12V vehicle.


But when you’re camping and the sun goes down on your outdoor adventure, you’ll want to use a device that lights up your space, such as the ToughTested 6,000mAh Power Bank. This USB and flashlight power bank has 18 LED lights and is made for outdoor activities. 


So next time you’re shopping for a bulb, flashlight, or any type of light source, don’t base your decision on the wattage – lumens matter, too!

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