Rugged Survival Gear Is Essential For Ranger Tess

Ambassador Ranger Tess knows just how important it is to plan ahead for emergency situations. Her winter survival kit includes ToughTested’s rugged gear that makes her feel safe and prepared for any disaster.


A Back-Up Plan For Back-Up Power

This Fall I endured about two weeks of a slow smartphone death. I had replaced my
smartphone once before, but this was the first time the battery died ever so slowly. It
was challenging for a couple of weeks before I got it replaced. Near the end, it would die
instantly after being disconnected from a power source. Frustrating! I learned a lot about
how much we rely on our phones. It’s not only a valuable tool to communicate with, but it’s
also a watch, alarm clock, GPS, weather/storm indicator, calculator, notepad, etc. It also
further cemented how important it is to have a back-up plan and rugged emergency prep kit at the
ready for when these incidents happen.

The inconveniences that I endured were minor, compared to the incredible
hardships many had to endure this year, coping with unexpected natural disasters.
Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, heatwaves, wildfires, and earthquakes, to name a few.
Winter storms have arrived now and can be very unpredictable, bringing snow, sleet, power
outages, and impassable roads. Disasters don’t plan ahead… but you can with rugged gear.

Stay Prepared with A Survival Kit

I live in Northern Wisconsin. I carry a Winter Survival Kit in my vehicle in addition
to other equipment such as a small shovel, extra winter clothes, a ToughTested Jolt, a
portable air compressor, and tow straps. The survival kit that I keep in my vehicle is small
and simple but provides some life-saving equipment. It is simple to put together and would
make a good gift, especially for our young, less-experienced winter drivers.

I received this kit from the American Red Cross years ago. Items contained in the
plastic container marked ‘Winter Car Kit’ are as follows: gloves, hand warmer, granola bar,
tissues, flashlight, batteries, compass, matches, a pad of paper, high visibility tape,
emergency blanket, a fire starter strip, and a pencil. (Be sure to check the hand warmers
each season, because they do expire.)

ToughTested’s Rugged Survival Gear

I replaced the flashlight and batteries with a fully charged, rugged ToughTested Beacon
not only because basic batteries go bad in the cold, but the ToughTested Beacon is a
multi-purpose tool. It stays charged for months in extreme weather and has a magnetic
base with a flashing beacon option. I also added a Ruggedized Weatherproof 6000 mAh Battery Pack.

Without power to my phone I felt vulnerable, not an enjoyable feeling for this
independent Park Ranger. I was very thankful that I could confidently rely on my
ToughTested BigFoot Power Bank. This power bank not only keeps a phone charged for
days on end, but it can recharge with the power of the sun. A natural remedy versus a
natural disaster. With the Holiday Seasons approaching, take time to prepare for the
unexpected. Planning and preparedness will keep your family calm, cool and collected… most
importantly, safe.

About Tough Tested®: ToughTested is a division of Mizco International Inc. Established in 1990, Mizco International is a consumer electronics manufacturer with research and development expertise in power and battery technology as well as audio engineering. ToughTested products are currently available for sales at Lowes, Cabela’s, Loves, Pilot/Flying J, O’Reilly and online at To learn more about ToughTested click here.