Pack Your Rugged Power Bank for a Camping Trip with Ranger Tess

Tough Ranger Tess

What would summer be without bug spray, the right rugged power bank, and safety tips from Ranger Tess?

Where has the summer gone? The long winter, very short spring, and record heat this summer has made time fly by. Parents are starting to think about their children’s school needs, college students are thinking about moving, and nobody wants to think about winter! I’m sure we all want to squeeze out a couple more outdoor getaways and I have some tips to make those moments not only more enjoyable, but safer.

Safety Tips

With multiple days of 100+ degree weather this year, we must always take precautions against heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I remind my campers to find or make shade when the heat index rises. It is also a good idea to limit strenuous activity in high heat, elderly people and children in particular. A person can become dehydrated quickly when he or she sweats. Rehydrate properly.  Instead of alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks, keep water and drinks with electrolytes on hand.

Insects prevent many of my campers from fully enjoying themselves, with ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes causing the most havoc. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your sanity such as using a simple screen tent to keep mealtimes pest-free. Bug sprays have evolved over the years, as well, including all effective and all natural gnat sprays. Another lifesaver is Permethrin clothing spray – it lasts 6 washes to keep ticks at bay.  I think the biggest technological advancement in mosquito repellants is the Thermacell. It is seriously effective even in the densest ‘skeeter’ areas.

Knowing the weather forecast and keeping an eye on the sky is always important when heading outdoors. Whether you are going boating, camping, hiking, or picnicking, unpredictable weather can spoil your fun and put you in danger very rapidly.  I utilize a number of weather options here at the park because I need to be prepared to run sirens and warn people of danger. I not only use my laptop and the weather radio, but my phone, as well. I like the Weather Bug app. I can remotely monitor radars, track storm cells, and get notifications with this app.  There are many others out there, find out which works best in your area before you head out!

ToughTested Ready

There are a number of technologically advanced items available to add comfort and safety to your adventures. ToughTested is on the leading edge in durable and versatile products.  LED lights have replaced most traditional flashlights. A few of my favorite ToughTested items are the 18 LED light and rugged power bank, the very versatile Beacon flashlight, BigFoot which keeps me powered up and connected at all times, and The Jolt which is also a jump starter for vehicles. All are Tess Tested and have held up to the abuse I put equipment through here at the park.  The Jolt is something I carry in my truck daily.  I also keep a Triple 9/ATC trauma kit in my vehicle because it is the responsible thing to do.  

We only live once and it is normal to want to live it up during the summer months… but take the precautions necessary to keep your vacations memorable.  

This blog was written by our Brand Ambassador, Ranger Tess.

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