Are Your Portable Earbuds Protecting You?

ToughTested’s Portable Earbuds are Made to go to Work.

Protect Your Hearing in Noisy and Demanding Environments with the right Portable Earbuds

Ever been told to turn down the volume on your portable earbuds? It’s not an unknown fact that loud noises have a negative impact on a person’s hearing. But how do we identify how loud is too loud or how to protect your ears? Let’s dig a little deeper into how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss and why ToughTested can help.

What Are Decibels?

Decibels are the units that measure sound which can tell us if a noise is too loud. The louder a noise, the higher the decibel. It’s recommended to protect your ears from sounds that measure anything over 85 decibels (dB). At that point, you’re tainting your hearing. It’s unlikely for a single noise to make a large effect on your hearing, but if you’re exposed to sounds with high levels of decibels, your risk of damaging your hearing permanently will grow over time.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

There is a progressive loss of high-frequency hearing when someone is often exposed to decibel levels that are too high. If you’ve ever noticed yourself or someone else finding the need to turn up the volume of the television or headphones higher and higher over time, it could be due to noise-induced hearing loss. If you listen to music or watch tv at a volume that exceeds 85 dB, your ears have exceeded the maximum sound levels so often that it’s possible you’re damaging your hearing.

How To Protect Your Ears

The most obvious answer to the question “How can I protect my ears?” is to keep away from sounds of excessive frequencies. However how realistic is that? It’s important to avoid sounds of high decibels when possible. For the times when it’s inevitable to surround yourself with loud noises, you should consider protective aids. There are devices that will reduce the intensity of frequencies, reducing the decibel levels. These devices use a unit of measurement used to determine the effectiveness of their hearing protection, called Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR)

How ToughTested Can Help

Examples of hearing protection devices are ToughTested’s noise-canceling earbuds. These rugged and portable products are recommended for those who work in loud environments and fields such as mariners, construction, military, air transportation, or landscaping. It’s also ideal for those going to loud sporting and recreational events.


Each noise reduction rating on a device determines the new decibel level of a sound. The Jobsite earbuds have an NRR of 23, meaning you will subtract that from the number of decibels you are exposed to while wearing the earbuds. For example, generally, you are exposed to 105 decibels when listening to a personal audio device at maximum volume. However, if you’re using the ToughTested Jobsite earbuds, you would subtract the 23 dB from 105 dB. Instead of being overexposed at a high frequency, you’re at 82 dB. This is now less than the maximum safety level of 85 dB.

If you take a moment to implement proper hearing protection initiatives, whether it means turning down the volume or using a noise reducing device, you’re minimizing the risk of permanent hearing damage.

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