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24 May 2018

Wild West Guardians Make Our Galaxy Better, One Child at a Time by Wendy Parker

Contrary to the well-known 80’s song lyrics, hell is NOT for children. When the going gets tough for abused kids, Guardians of the Children pass the test. “The mission of Guardians of the Children (GOC), is to recognize and react to child abuse and educate the public to do the same; to serve as advocates […]

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18 May 2018

On the Trail for BigFoot with Brittney Glaze

Introducing the BigFoot Solar Power Bank For those who have experienced Missouri hunting in March, you’ll understand the need for a proper solar power bank. the conditions are rugged and raw far from forgiving. Negative temperatures combined with a foot of snow were just some of the challenges we faced during our 5-day stay in […]

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15 May 2018

ToughTested’s Pocket Jump Starter Offers “a Pocketful of Power”

ToughTested products are made to go to work and make your life a little easier, like when you have to jump-start your car. Learn why Bryan Campbell of Gear Patrol is referring to our portable car battery charger as “a pocketful of power.” If you’ve ever had to jump-start a car, you know it can […]

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09 May 2018

Mother’s Day Gift Tips from ToughTested’s Ambassador Tom Kyrk

Every truck driver holds the freedom of travel dear yet understands the hardship of long stretches away from loved ones, especially during Mother’s Day. To alleviate this, I’m giving my mother the gift of good planning, matched with the a few ToughTested power banks and flashlights to keep her safe.  I love my mother dearly […]

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13 April 2018

The Lumens in your Rugged Device Matter

When looking at the capability of your rugged flashlights, wattage is important, but what about lumens? What’s A Lumen? Lumens measure the amount of light that is emitted from a source, such as a light bulb or flashlight – and yes, it’s different than a Watt. The Lumen is an SI derived unit (International System […]

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