Mother’s Day Gift Tips from ToughTested’s Ambassador Tom Kyrk

Tom Kirk

Every truck driver holds the freedom of travel dear yet understands the hardship of long stretches away from loved ones, especially during Mother’s Day. To alleviate this, I’m giving my mother the gift of good planning, matched with the a few ToughTested power banks and flashlights to keep her safe. 

I love my mother dearly and at the age of 81, I’m inspired by her ability to live alone with minimal assistance. Recently she came down with a serious stomach infection that required a lengthy hospital stay on short notice, followed by a month of rehab to regain her strength. Thanks to some amazing support she is doing much better now.

Having learned my quick wit from my mom, someone who is typically prepared for the unexpected in a matter of minutes, wielding such materials as a good old-fashioned address book with handwritten names and numbers, medical records, and her trusty crossword puzzle. Unfortunately, during this incident, she was unable to grab these belongings or call me for over 24 hours until the hospital was able to reach me by phone.

At that point, I realized Mom needed a go-bag for Mother’s Day, one that can be ready for any emergency. Go-bags are a great DIY gift for any mom who lives on her own. Their contents can include medication, emergency kits, clothes, or any number of things subject to Murphy’s Law.

ToughTested’s Tech Gear Bag

In my mom’s case, I provided her with a go-bag that includes a copy of her important medical and legal paperwork, a pen and crossword puzzle book, a small amount of money, an emergency contact list and a prepaid cell phone. I have also packed her go-bag with ToughTested’s Beacon Emergency Flashlight that offers a window breaker and power bank to keep her safe in the event of a power outage.

Go-bags can be as big as a military grade backpack, or as small as my ToughTested Tech Gear Bag which I’ve hung up next to her front door with a note asking to take with her in case of emergency. Now she can get a hold of me within minutes if she finds herself in a pinch.

ToughTested’s Beacon Emergency Flashlight

This year my Mother’s Day gift will be just as much for me as it is for her, the go-bag giving me greater peace of mind while I am out on the road delivering the freight America needs. Have a safe and happy Mother’s Day to you all!

This article was written by ToughTested Ambassador Tom Kyrk.

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