How Bill Weaver and the Truckers Saved Christmas

Bill Weaver is back at it this Christmas with a song for all you truckers out there burning the midnight oil!

This Christmas, Santa got himself locked up in Anchorage and who else did he use his one phone call on other than Bill Weaver. With Christmas in jeopardy, Bill got on the CB Radio and put the world the word out on Santa’s need for some 18 wheeled reindeer to take his place and deliver toys to all the girls and boys from Left Coast to Right Coast.

Check out Bill Weaver’s How the Truckers Saved Christmas music video here! Holler and share this with your friends and family to get in the Christmas spirit this holiday season. Merry Merry from Bill Weaver and ToughTested!

About Bill Weaver

Bill Weaver came from a military family which made him a gypsy and wanderer from birth. This gave him the right mindset to become a modern-day cowboy. He was born in Alaska and lived all over the U.S. for the first ten years of his life. When his father left the military he moved the family back to Arkansas, his home state. He still lives there today…..when he’s not traveling the highways and byways of this great country.

Having a passion for music at an early age, his father and grandfather bought him his first guitar when he was 5 and soon began playing the banjo and harmonica. Soon followed by a knack for writing music in grade school that has followed him through today. Now, when he stops for the night, he will pick up his guitar and write. He loves to write songs about life on the road, how it makes a driver feel, and how it affects the families. He also writes about the ridiculous things that happen. As he says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

Bill has been driving trucks all his life. Even while he was in school. He went into the Army straight out of High School and served from ’85 til ’89. He did several tours of duty overseas. He came home and joined the County Sheriff’s Department working there until 2007. He never stopped driving trucks, driving part-time while was a Sheriff. He began driving full-time in 2007, joining the brotherhood and doing all he can to help other drivers. His favorite saying is, “Make a new friend. Shake a stranger’s hand.”

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