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03 December 2018

How Bill Weaver and the Truckers Saved Christmas

Bill Weaver is back at it this Christmas with a song for all you truckers out there burning the midnight oil! This Christmas, Santa got himself locked up in Anchorage and who else did he use his one phone call on other than Bill Weaver. With Christmas in jeopardy, Bill got on the CB Radio and put the […]

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26 September 2018

Are Your Portable Earbuds Protecting You?

ToughTested’s Portable Earbuds are Made to go to Work. Protect Your Hearing in Noisy and Demanding Environments with the right Portable Earbuds Ever been told to turn down the volume on your portable earbuds? It’s not an unknown fact that loud noises have a negative impact on a person’s hearing. But how do we identify […]

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01 August 2018

Pack Your Rugged Power Bank for a Camping Trip with Ranger Tess

What would summer be without bug spray, the right rugged power bank, and safety tips from Ranger Tess? Where has the summer gone? The long winter, very short spring, and record heat this summer has made time fly by. Parents are starting to think about their children’s school needs, college students are thinking about moving, and nobody wants to […]

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06 July 2018

A Portable Power Bank Jump Starter That Can Save Your Life

The Power Bank Jump Starter Cassie Gannis Swears By June 15th through September 30th marks monsoon season and it is upon us in Arizona. Prepared as we are, monsoon season brings with it a prolonged period of extreme heat along with days and weeks of moisture which lead to severe thunderstorms. The heat is deadly […]

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24 May 2018

Wild West Guardians Make Our Galaxy Better, One Child at a Time by Wendy Parker

Contrary to the well-known 80’s song lyrics, hell is NOT for children. When the going gets tough for abused kids, Guardians of the Children pass the test. “The mission of Guardians of the Children (GOC), is to recognize and react to child abuse and educate the public to do the same; to serve as advocates […]

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