Yes, you can use tech during your “off the grid” adventure

These days, it can be nice to get away from it all and connect with nature. Whether you’re taking a weekend camping trip, going off-roading out in the wilderness, or just going for a hike through the hills, taking the time to unwind away from the stresses of your normal daily routine can be a welcome break. However, we all know that it’s nearly impossible to unplug completely. There’s always a call to take or an email to check. With that in mind, here’s a list of products to keep you connected even when you’re going off the grid.


Your smart phone

It used to be that every trip into the wild required a compass, a flashlight, and a map. Those days have passed. Now, your smartphone takes care of all of that for you, in one compact, convenient package. The phone has become the new Swiss Army knife for explorers all around the world. Not only do they offer all of the tools mentioned above, but there are also a ton of useful apps for trail finding, tracking, weather updates, and more. Don’t want to answer emails on the mountainside? Good for you. But you’ll still want your phone to help you find your path and keep you out of harm’s way.


LED power bank

There aren’t many electrical outlets in the middle of the forest, so you’ll want to bring your power with you. Our LED power banks charge your smartphone on the go, meaning you can stay off the grid longer than ever. Lightweight and rainproof, they also have handles that allow you to fasten it to your backpack or belt for maximum convenience. With 18 LED lights built in, they’ll help you find your way back to camp in the dark and serve as the perfect lantern once you’re safe inside your tent.


Pro cables

Our pro cables are built to connect your mobile devices wherever you go. Wrapped in a polymer coating for extreme durability, they’re also resistant to heat, chemicals, and abrasions. In a pinch, the cables are strong enough to double as a rope or tie for your gear. We wouldn’t recommend using them to pull your hiking buddy off the edge of a cliff, but for everything else, you’ll want the pro cable in your pack.



Sometimes good things come in small packages. If you prefer to travel light, the new Beacon can do everything the power bank can — and it fits in your pocket. It has a USB port for charging your phone, a high-powered flashlight, and an LED mode with a flashing red SOS light in case of emergency. The Beacon is perfectly suited to become every explorer’s best friend.