Try out these tech tools on the construction site

Construction contractors have one of the toughest jobs out there. Whether they’re building something new from the ground up, renovating an existing structure, or making some minor repairs, they’re often exposed to the elements in the midst of taxing physical labor. Fortunately, there are some newer tools with the potential to make their lives easier.

Make no mistake: the job is still tough, but digital tools are bringing contractors into the 21st century. The Design Boss, Eric Eremita, and Jared Siegel, President, Contractor and Designer for Diablo Demolition & Construction, told us about a few of their favorites.

Rotating laser level

Ensuring a level line is a critical first step for countless construction projects: carpentry, painting, installing cabinets…the list goes on and on. As any good contractor knows, your lines must be level from the beginning or your entire project is thrown off. A rotating laser level is not only accurate, but fast, allowing you to scan an entire room at a glance. The laser level saves time on prep work so you can complete your projects more quickly. Happy contractor, happy customer.

Laser tape measure

Once again, a laser tool is a tremendous asset to a contractor. A laser distance measurer makes measuring quick and easy. Even better, it’s like having a calculator in your pocket: it can provide reliable calculations for distance, area, and volume automatically, making job estimates foolproof. Plus, with Bluetooth® capability, you can sync the data to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, meaning you can check the numbers anywhere. Speaking of smartphones…


It sounds counterintuitive—when you think of construction tools, you think of hammers, not iPhones—but the smartphone has become one of the most valuable tools a contractor can have on the jobsite. The modern smartphone has endless capabilities: calculator, camera, and apps for project management, measuring, leveling, and more. The phone is a toolkit in and of itself, and that’s without even mentioning its original purpose of communication: you can take calls, send emails, and share photos with clients, all with a few taps of your thumb. Believe it or not, the smartphone is now the most vital digital tool around any construction site. Pair one with a durable charging cable and you’ll have enough battery power to charge your smartphone and other digital tools all day long.

Power bank

Of course, digital tools are of no use if they aren’t charged up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. With that in mind, Eric and Jared carry rugged power banks to all of their job sites. Power banks charge electrical devices on the go. They’re lightweight, waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, so they can withstand the toughest conditions.

“Not only are digital tools accurate, but they save me an incredible amount of time on the job,” said Eremita. “They’ve become some of the most important tools I have on site.”

Evolving technology has put a modern spin on classic tools. Contractors would be wise to embrace these tough new tools and go digital in order to ensure the best, most efficient job sites.