Spreading Love on the Rugged Road with Wendy Parker

‘Caring’, ‘compassionate’ and ‘abundantly generous’ are not words that generally come to mind when someone thinks about commercial trucking. Truckers have long been associated with outlaw highway shenanigans, tough guy images, and a healthy disregard for the establishment. Granted, these perceived traits make for great television and movie characters, but real truckers, who do a job that keeps the world moving, aren’t nearly as rough around the edges as those unaffiliated with the industry might imagine.

Ambassador Bill Weaver and Tony Justice get together in Joplin, Missouri during GBATS2017 for a Facebook live fundraiser to benefit the victims of Hurricane Irma

Fact is, trucking is an incredibly charitable industry, populated with people who really do care about improving the condition of their fellow humans. Each year, millions of dollars are raised for hundreds of charitable organizations – both trucking specific and otherwise, and it’s just one of the things we love about trucking.

The next time you’re on the highway, take a moment to notice the number of big trucks, and know that an estimated 88 percent of the driving workforce regularly contribute to charity. That’s a lot of truckers, donating a lot of money, that does a lot of good.

February brings the word “love” to mind for most, and in celebrating the theme of charity, caring and showing love, ToughTested Ambassadors posted information about their favorite charities on social media and public venues each unique Ambassador has. Sharing this information among the various interest groups not only helped increase awareness for lesser known organizations, but ToughTested also stepped up and gave a donation to each and every charity their Ambassadors support. And that’s just one thing we love about ToughTested.

The trucking industry is one of many who support and invest time in their own communities and making the world a better place. We appreciate companies like ToughTested, who offer a platform like this blog space to unite these efforts and give back in a very real, monetary way.

ToughTested really does care.

This blog was written by Wendy Parker.

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