Smart Ideas for your Loved Ones by Cassie Gannis

Looking for something unique to get your Valentine this year? I have the perfect gift ideas for everyone! Just go to the ToughTested website and find some of the most popular gifts for loved ones that involve safety and preparedness. ToughTested products let your loved ones stay prepared by giving them helpful gifts they might not purchase for themselves. I want to tell you about some of my favorite things!

My first favorites are the ToughTested Solar Chargers that are dust proof, shockproof and rainproof. Solar chargers are the ultimate charger for your smartphone. You can charge 2 smart phones up to 6 times. They are lightweight and easy to carry in your purse, or clipped to your backpack, or placed on your belt. You will always have access to emergency power. It is so easy to charge. We place ours on the dash of our car or truck while we travel to the track. At the track, smart phone batteries don’t last long due to the remote area, so everyone uses the solar charger to charge their phones. Hikers, campers, environmentally conscious users, travelers, workers, and anyone else…. the ToughTested Solar Chargers are a great, clean, and environmentally conscious way for everyone with smart phones and small electronics to charge up.

I love my ToughTested Earbuds. Because I work in the race shop a lot with very loud noises, these earbuds are amazing. They protect my ears from the loud shop noises. They are rugged, lightweight and comfortable earbuds that help reduce environmental noises while providing clear and precise audio for music and calls. ToughTested has 4 types of earbuds: job site, marine, driver or ranger.

  • Heavy-duty jobsite earbuds are great for landscapers, construction, military, motorsports, outdoor and indoor recreation and sporting events.
  • Marine earbuds are waterproof noise control earbuds with a mic. These buds are designed for fisherman, boaters, and outdoor recreation sports that are around water. Marine earbuds utilize sport fit shark fins for a secure fit. These buds offer protection from water, sweat and dust.
  • Ranger earbuds are for the active lifestyle. These work great outdoors for men and women that enjoy recreation, hunting, camping, trail running, mountain biking and hiking.
  • Driver Earbuds are a safe driving mono ear bud for safe, hands-free driving. They are great for professional drivers, commuters, truck drivers, bus drivers and other road warriors. A truly great handfree device that is sure to save lives. 
  • If you work indoors or outdoors, like to boat or camp, like to exercise or just listen to some music, ToughTested has an earbud for you!

I love and truly believe that everyone should have a ToughTested JOLT in his or her car, truck, SUV! The top 3 reasons to own a Jolt according to ToughTested is for PREPAREDNESS, SAFETY AND POWER. But I feel the Jolt offers so much more. It offers peace of mind. The flashlight portion is a top of the line heavy-duty flashlight that if needed, the end can be used as a first responder device to break a window. The other end is a heavy-duty powerbank to change phones and small electronics. The best thing of all…the Jolt serves as a jump starter for a car or boat, Jet Ski and YES even my race car!!!  Here is my video charging my race car with the JoltIt comes in a wonderful carrying case, and along with the cables, will fit in your glove compartment. I really think the Jolt should come standard in every car or truck. It really could be a lifesaver.

So save yourself some time and stress just go to ToughTested for the best in power, protection and audio! ToughTested products are a way to show your loved one that “I am there for you.” Happy Valentine’s Day!