Rugged travel essentials for any climate

At ToughTested, we love to get off the beaten path when we travel. We’re not afraid to get a little dirty, whether we’re off-roading, hiking, or whitewater rafting. Adventure comes from exploring new places and trying new activities, but regardless of where we go, there are a few items we always make sure to bring with us.

Here are a few of our travel essentials:

16,000 mAh Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

Our battery pack provides up to six or more full charges of the average smartphone, meaning you can stay connected wherever you go. It’s solar powered, so it can recharge itself. Best of all, it’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof; there’s no environment too extreme.

GRAYL Ultralight Purifier

This water bottle purifies and filters dangerous bacteria, viruses, particles, and chemicals out of your water. Fill it up in a muddy creek, a hotel sink, or out of a hose — it doesn’t matter. Just press the filter and drink clean water in 15 seconds. We don’t leave home without it.

Nomadix Towel

As much fun as it may be to run through the rain or splash around in a river, no one wants to stay wet all day long. These towels are easy to pack, dry quickly, and are anti-microbial, so you can use them over and over again while you’re away from home. They’re every bit as good on the beach as they are at a campsite.

Pro-Comm Bluetooth Neckband

Our neckband is built for life on the go. The rubberized design is comfortable and flexible, and you can stream audio through the attached earbuds or the speakers built into the neckband. The speakers also allow you to take calls hands-free, so you never have to slow down while you explore. Like most things ToughTested, it’s water, sweat and dust resistant.

Osprey Packs

When traveling, it’s important to be able to keep all of your gear in order. Osprey backpacks are lightweight and comfortable, and good for keeping your things organized and dry. Next time you set out for adventure, grab one of these and fill it with all the other travel essentials listed above.


These items will serve you well wherever you go — rain or shine, cold weather or warm. For more tips on packing and traveling around the US, check out our “What to Pack” infographic.