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09 August 2017

MATS 2 GATS Fitness Challenge update

This post was written by Tom Kyrk.   Earlier this year, I was struggling to lose some weight. I had hit a plateau, both in terms of motivation and just getting the next few pounds off. The great folks at ToughTested and I were talking about some of the challenges drivers face on the road […]

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07 August 2017

Ambassador Bill Weaver: He does it for love

This post was written by Wendy Parker.   Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Weaver.   “Steel toed Red Wings, A pair of faded Levi blue jeans, An old red flannel shirt like his daddy wore. Sits back for the ride, And stares through the windshield, into the night, Tries to remember what he does it for. Then […]

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31 July 2017

Meet Brittney Glaze, the newest ToughTested ambassador

This post was written by Brittney Glaze.   I’m a true Georgia Peach! For me, nothing was more important growing up than God and family and that hasn’t changed a bit to this day. Growing up, I found myself anywhere from fishing with my grandparents and playing in the mud to getting dressed up and having my hair and makeup […]

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18 July 2017

Yes, you can use tech during your “off the grid” adventure

These days, it can be nice to get away from it all and connect with nature. Whether you’re taking a weekend camping trip, going off-roading out in the wilderness, or just going for a hike through the hills, taking the time to unwind away from the stresses of your normal daily routine can be a […]

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29 June 2017

Ambassador Tess Gugel: Hunting Tips to Prepare for Fall During the Off-Season

It is starting to feel like summer! Many outdoorsmen and women have completed their hunting seasons and are turning their focus to fishing and camping seasons. I too cannot wait to take my ToughTested Rugged Bluetooth Speaker with Powerbank boating and camping. Before heading out on your summer adventure, make sure you’re taking advantage of […]

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