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27 February 2018

Spreading Love on the Rugged Road with Wendy Parker

‘Caring’, ‘compassionate’ and ‘abundantly generous’ are not words that generally come to mind when someone thinks about commercial trucking. Truckers have long been associated with outlaw highway shenanigans, tough guy images, and a healthy disregard for the establishment. Granted, these perceived traits make for great television and movie characters, but real truckers, who do a […]

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14 February 2018

Inspiring Stories from the Rugged Road with Tom Kyrk

Some of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met are truck drivers. Many times, drivers are the first to respond to the scenes of accidents, emergencies, and disasters. They volunteer in the community whether face to face or through programs like Trucker Buddy International. They donate to causes such as the Special Olympics, St […]

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13 February 2018

Smart Ideas for your Loved Ones by Cassie Gannis

Looking for something unique to get your Valentine this year? I have the perfect gift ideas for everyone! Just go to the ToughTested website and find some of the most popular gifts for loved ones that involve safety and preparedness. ToughTested products let your loved ones stay prepared by giving them helpful gifts they might […]

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05 December 2017

Be Prepared with the Tough Tested Jolt

I have found something that everyone should have in their motor vehicle! It is the ToughTested Jolt!!! On the outside it looks like a flashlight but it does so much more than that.  I was surprised to hear that it could charge a car battery.  So, I put it to the test.  Low and behold […]

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24 October 2017

Beauties and Beasties and things that go, “Vrooom”

This post was written by Wendy Parker. When you think, “Truck Show,” images of gorgeous, buttery, high polished chrome and pretty iron maids in rows come to mind. You think of custom paint jobs, so beautifully intricate they belong on museum walls, with 8” stacks, stretching to touch the sky. You think of all the […]

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