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30 July 2015

Tom Kyrk Shows Us That ToughTested Is Great For Work As Well As Fun!

Lately several people have been asking me what truckers do in their downtime. What is it that we do for entertainment either while taking a break, at the end of the day, or when there is time between loads? As professional truck drivers, we tend to be limited as to what we can do. An […]

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20 July 2015

Audiologist, Danny Libby Recommends the ToughTested Noise Reduction Audio Line to Prevent Hearing Loss From Environmental Noise and Loud Sounds.

Hearing Loss caused by exposure to environmental noise is truly preventable if some form of noise protection is available and worn by an individual.

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29 June 2015

Have Your Headphones Ever Stopped Working on a Summer Trip?

Enjoying a summer day relaxing on the beach or cruising on a boat usually creates a bit of worry in music listeners who prefer to use headphones. Most earbuds are not designed to withstand even a splash of water; their cords often get tangled when they are thrown into your beach bag, or fray after […]

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12 June 2015

Park Ranger Tess Tackles Her TOUGH Job With The Help Of Our Earbuds

Spring has sprung! My name is Tess and I am a Park Ranger in West Central Wisconsin. Now that spring has arrived I have a number of obligations to fulfill for the two county campgrounds that I run.

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02 June 2015

ToughTested’s Rugged Summer Bucket List

Summertime is the ONLY time to create AND destroy a bucket list of TOUGH, outdoor adventures. Weekend warrior or full-time athlete, now is the season to make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

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