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08 March 2016

Spring Break 2016: ToughTested Approved Destinations

We’ve compiled the top spots guaranteed to thrill every adventurer this spring break. So, whether you’re looking for the sun, snow or sea, below you’ll find something that fits your fancy. Gather your friends (and your courage) and prepare for an experience that you’ll never forget. Paddle the depths of over 100 caves in Santa […]

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20 February 2016

7 Winter Weather Travel Tips

A large majority of the country is either currently experiencing or have recently encountered extreme winter weather. Although you shouldn’t be attempting travel during these weather conditions, many still make the trek no regardless of the presence of ice, snow, or freezing rain. Heed these winter weather travel tips to help you beat the elements […]

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15 February 2016

9 Important Items To Keep In Your Truck During Winter

This is a guest post by Tom Kyrk of Road Tested Living. A few weeks ago, as the latest Snowmageddon approached the DC and Baltimore areas, I was talking to some of my friends from ToughTested about what truck drivers do in heavy winter storms (especially if they get caught on the road due to […]

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08 February 2016

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Boy Scouts of America

Since 1910 the Boy Scouts of America have been cultivating and refining the skills of every boy to take the Scout Oath. Over the past 106 years, the BSA have produced an unrelenting stream of tough and fearless adventurers into the classroom, workplace, and society. ToughTested works hard to provide power, protection, and audio products […]

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28 January 2016

7 Winter Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

Step aside, professional shin-kicking. Move to the left, competitive wife-carrying – our team prefers sporting events of the winter variety. Some of our favorites, similar to the aforementioned, are deemed a bit random and even somewhat outlandish. Strange as they may be, the following cold-weather sports are ToughTested approved. Keep your fingers crossed for powdery […]

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