Labor Day Heroes: Ambassador Edition

With Labor Day around the corner, here’s a cheers to hard-working professionals: those with 10-hour shifts in noisy trucks, on unpaved roads, and in extreme conditions. Labor Day was the idea of Peter J. Maguire, a labor union leader who proposed a celebration of the American workforce. In honor of this holiday, we want to thank our Ambassadors serving in the contracting, construction and trucking industries. Meet some of the team that  put “Tough” in “ToughTested.”

Tom Kyrk | Ambassador since December 2015

Frequently a contributor to trade publications such as Go By Truck News, and his own personal trucking blog, Road Tested Living, Kyrk was the first ToughTested ambassador. Kyrk frequently provides critical feedback during the initial prototype testing process to ensure all ToughTested products meet the needs of millions of drivers today.

Wendy Parker | Ambassador since September 2016

Wendy Parker is a truck industry expert with her own podcast focused on trucking-oriented news, stories and interests. In addition to social media channels and a podcast, Wendy also frequently contributes to Overdrive, the leading trucking publication in the U.S.

George, her husband who she travels with frequently on the road, is a fantastic photographer and can offer quite a few shots for Instagram and Facebook. We also wants to thank both George and Wendy for their ToughTested Facebook Takeover while attending GATS.

Bill Weaver | Ambassador since October 2016

Weaver is a truck driver and a country music artist with a knack for social engagements. He frequently posts Facebook Live concerts dedicated to a new song, and sometimes ToughTested products too! We love tuning in and sharing Bill’s Facebook Live concerts, especially ones that reference ToughTested gear!

Eric Eremita | Ambassador since November 2016

Eremita is a general contractor and interior designer – people call him “The Design Boss” for his savvy, no-nonsense style. When not watching him on TV, Eremita’s social media followers are interested in honing their own DIY skills with his help.

Jared Siegel | Ambassador since January 2017

Siegel is a contractor and the owner of Diablo Design & Construction in New Jersey. He is particularly active on Instagram, where he frequently posts inspiring before-and-after photos and videos of his home improvement projects.

Interested in meeting a few more people from the ToughTested family? Check out our Made to Go to Work page for an up-close and personal look.