Be Prepared with the Tough Tested Jolt

I have found something that everyone should have in their motor vehicle! It is the ToughTested Jolt!!! On the outside it looks like a flashlight but it does so much more than that.  I was surprised to hear that it could charge a car battery.  So, I put it to the test.  Low and behold it passed all my tests.

First, let’s get to the description of the Jolt.  It literally looks like a flashlight.  It comes in a nice convenient carrying case that can easily fit in a glove compartment of your car or truck.  It is an all-purpose jump starter with an LED flashlight.  The flashlight alone has 5 modes of LED including low, mediums, high, strobe, and SOS. The rugged casing around the light portion is tough enough to break a window in case of an emergency.  The other end of the Jolt is equipped with a power bank that charges electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, and other DC 5V powered electronic devices.

I wanted to put the Jolt to the real test!  Since I am a small NASCAR team I have to move my vehicles in and out of the garage and trailer to make room while we work on them. I own a classic Pontiac GTO that I keep in the trailer while the race car is placed in the garage.  On race weekends, out comes the GTO and in the trailer and race car goes. As usual when we try and take the GTO out of the trailer the battery is dead. Instead of using our typical larger battery charger, we quickly and easily placed the Jolt with the charging cables on the battery and my classic instantly started right up!!!  Now it was time to fire up the race car. The battery of my ToughTested NASCAR Whelen All American Super Late Model happened to be dead too, so we again decided to test the Jolt.  We also decided to video the process of using the Jolt on the race car.  A race car doesn’t have a turnkey but a push button. Before we used the Jolt there was nothing upon hitting the turn on switch. After 1 minute of being charged with the Jolt we decided to see if the race car would start. On this try we could begin to hear the race car wanting to turn over. After a few more minutes of charging, the race car fired right up!  The impromptu video using the Jolt to charge the race car can be viewed here: Please know we did not change out the battery.  We simply used the Jolt!

After our tests of the Jolt in our shop I really feel like the Jolt should be a standard item in all motor vehicles.  Compact and easy to use, the ToughTested Jolt keeps you PREPARED, SAFE, and always with POWER!  Everyone knows that emergency’s never happen at a convenient time.  Check out the Jolt at  Not only can it charge a car but also a motorcycle, boat, Jet Ski and so much more.  Like all ToughToughed products it is rugged and #madetogotowork.  So be prepared with the ToughTested Jolt.

By:  Cassie Gannis