Ambassador Cassie Gannis: ToughTested at the Track

Cassie Gannis

It’s offseason for NASCAR fans, but right now there is much to do to my Super Late Model racecar at the shop and at the track. We test all of our equipment at this time of year, so we’re busy gathering information and regrouping for next season.

As we break down the car and go through each part piece by piece, we take a lot of photos and videos. We gather data to keep on our laptops and phones. Statistics and other information are sent to our computers, then placed into apps that diagnose the racecar’s performance. This data is key to building the best car we can, so we need to be sure all of our data-gathering equipment is charged and ready to record information.

We do several different tests in order to understand the car’s performance. We have cameras set up to record how the shocks are working. We measure the tires and take their temperature as the racecar comes off the track to see if the car is driving tight or loose. We gather data on springs and engine gauges to ensure they’re running as smoothly as possible. All of this information is then uploaded into apps that allow us to analyze and make changes on the racecar for better performance. Because we’re on the track and in and out of maintenance shops and garages, we don’t always have access to normal electrical outlets.

As we work at the shop and at the track, I need to keep all of our equipment charged and ready to go. ToughTested products are my go-to source for keeping my phone, laptop, and camera charged. My favorite thing about them: they’re solar-powered!

I love using the solar charger! We have the most beautiful weather here in Phoenix this time of year — it’s always beautiful and sunny. And the sun happens to be free.

When I’m at the track and racing, my team uses my ToughTested solar chargers to power our laptops, phones, iPads and GoPros. ToughTested products can be found at Lowe’s, Cabella’s, Love’s, Pilot/Flying J, Meijer, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Staples, Micro Center, and Dunham Sports. They’re a must have in any toolbox or home!