Ambassador Cassie Gannis: The tech that keeps my team moving

NASCAR racing requires a lot of electronics, especially phones, cameras, radios, headsets and laptops. Our phones, cameras and laptops are constantly being used, so they frequently need to be charged. We always come prepared with everything already fully charged, but it always seems like we need a way to recharge them again throughout race weekends.

Racetracks are usually in remote locations so this causes our cell phones to constantly roam for signal. Roaming then drains the batteries on our phones. It is essential that the entire crew have cell phones nearby, at all times. We use them to take photos, transfer racecar data to and from computers, get current race times and statistics, to call for parts, or to receive receipts from the speedway’s tire barn and NASCAR. On top of all that, we also must stay current with our fans on social media!

During my last race, my team was constantly using the Solar Dual USB 16,000mAh Battery Pack at Tucson Speedway. The track is situated south of Tucson, out in the desert in open range causing our phones to be constantly roaming. Track electrical outlets are not convenient or reliable. We can’t always depend on our generators for the speedways’ outlets. Plus, we need our phones to be on our person—not in a wall. Many of you already know I am a fan of ToughTested products. Our team cannot be without our ToughTested solar chargers.

Our GoPros were charged on the way to the track with my solar chargers while sitting on the dash of our truck. Here we are installing the camera in the NASCAR Super Late Model.

Transferring GoPro data to my cell phone. Both were charged with my ToughTested solar charger.

I want to mention that ToughTested solar chargers may be a must for our team, but I also use it in my daily life. I charge it on the dash of my truck so it is always with me. It is convenient to carry so I can use it while at the beach or hiking in the desert mountains.