Ambassador Bill Weaver: He does it for love

This post was written by Wendy Parker.


Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Weaver.


“Steel toed Red Wings,

A pair of faded Levi blue jeans,

An old red flannel shirt like his daddy wore.

Sits back for the ride,

And stares through the windshield, into the night,

Tries to remember what he does it for.

Then he sees her picture on the dimly-lit dashboard

And the thoughts flood his mind.

It’s the only way he knows

To give her the life she deserves,

And still hang on to his outlaw side.”


It’s his opening song because it’s his favorite. It’s his favorite because it’s not just a song, it’s their life.


“He’s the settled type when he’s at home,

But give him the keys and he’ll be gone,

Doing what he does to get by.

At home he’s touching, loving and feeling,

Out there he’s flying down a mountain,

Jake brakes screamin’.

Truck driver, doing what he does

He does it for love,

That’s why he trucks.”


The crowd sings along with his refrain, as knowing looks pass between long-time couples with relationships that have endured the same fierce love for the road while strengthening and testing the bonds of their love for one another. This is why people come to hear Bill Weaver sing. This is why his music means so much more to them than something to sing along with.


He’s calling from Cheyenne,

She lays in bed alone again,

Lonely but thankful for the life they have.

Hey baby, I love you,

Thank you for all you do.

I miss you and I need you home so bad.

As they hang up the phone,

He wishes he could be by her side,

But he has to keep it rolling,

Through the cold Wyoming night.”


That’s why he trucks.

Bill Weaver will be performing live at the Great American Truck Show, at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, August 24th – 26th, as the opening act for the Friday night concert featuring Tony Justice, with Jane Denham as the headliner. Bill will also have several live spots at the ToughTested booth, as well as with Red Eye Radio. Performances begin at noon on Friday, get there early, there’s a whole lot of folks planning to attend who understand why he trucks, and they love Bill Weaver almost as much as they love trucking.

See you in Dallas!