4 New Things to Add to Your Outdated Camping Checklist

When it comes to assembling your gear for an upcoming camping trip, some things instantly come to mind. There’s, of course, a tent since you definitely need somewhere to spend the night in. Even choosing a tent that will make your stay as comfortable as possible can be a feat in itself, although an exciting one. Other such camping essentials include a sleeping bag, a fire grill, a change of clothes, food and water and so on. You get the gist, don’t you?
If you are a long time camping enthusiast, you probably already have your camping gear checklist memorized and ready to be assembled at any time. But what you might not have realized is that the camping gear industry hasn’t stayed still. There are some things that you might want to add to your outdated camping checklist. Camping is great but it won’t hurt to bring in more comfort to your time spent outdoors.

Portable Washing Machine
Yes, there are actually portable washing machines designed specifically for camping trips. Spending time connecting with nature is not always the cleanest of pastimes. Dirt, grass, smoke from the fire grill, all of that will take a toll on your clothes. Usually, you’d have to bring a bunch of spare ones and depending on the duration of your trip it can take up a significant portion of your backpack. So why not invest in a washing machine that will take care of your stained t-shirts?

Solar Power Bank
There are proponents of going completely off the grid when camping but that not might be the best idea. Technology is part of our everyday lives. Of course, you might not want to spend the whole day cooped up in your tent playing games on your phone. That misses the point of going out at all. But it is essential to keep your phone’s battery alive in case of emergency. With a solar power bank at your side, there will be no problem with completing that task.

Light-up Tent Stakes
This is a small yet significant improvement that you can bring to your camping experience. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and needed to go outside the tent? You most definitely did. But a lantern might not always do a great job of lighting your way ahead and that’s assuming you even have a lantern nearby. So instead of stumbling in the dark or wreaking havoc in the campsite, just use solar light-up tent stakes. They are considerably cheap, charge up throughout the day, and keep you from injuring yourself next time you’re up for a midnight walk in the forest.

Water Filtration Straw
What you always need to do before going on a camping trip is to look at it from a survival perspective. After all, you are venturing into the wilderness and you never know what sort of emergency can catch you off guard. For all the survival and emergency tools available on the market there’s one truth – no compass or pocket knife will keep you hydrated. Even if you were to find a river or lake, drinking unfiltered water can cause you an infinite amount of water. That is why you should look into adding a water filtration straw to your list and have it on your person just in case.

Nowadays, the array of camping gear and gadgets to choose from is staggering. Basically, you can find anything for everything. But even if you are determined at sticking to the old ways there’s no harm in updating your camping checklist once in awhile. Camping is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Let it be such.