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20 June 2017

Home Improvement: Pro tips from contractor Eric Eremita

Spring has sprung, which means homeowners around the world are taking stock of their homes and considering improvement projects. Whether you’re adding a new coat of paint for some fresh curb appeal, repairing a roof, or renovating a kitchen, it’s important to carefully consider the work involved, understand the safety concerns, and when necessary, call […]

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16 June 2017

Life on the Road: A New Father’s Perspective

This blog was written by ToughTested Ambassador Wendy Parker. Jenson Lawrence is an independent owner/operator from Boyceville, WI. He’s been trucking for close to ten years, but only recently became a father. Leading up to Father’s Day, I spoke with Jenson about fatherhood and trucking. These soundbites give us a little insight on how the […]

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15 June 2017

Ambassador Cassie Gannis: The tech that keeps my team moving

NASCAR racing requires a lot of electronics, especially phones, cameras, radios, headsets and laptops. Our phones, cameras and laptops are constantly being used, so they frequently need to be charged. We always come prepared with everything already fully charged, but it always seems like we need a way to recharge them again throughout race weekends. […]

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26 May 2017

Rugged travel essentials for any climate

At ToughTested, we love to get off the beaten path when we travel. We’re not afraid to get a little dirty, whether we’re off-roading, hiking, or whitewater rafting. Adventure comes from exploring new places and trying new activities, but regardless of where we go, there are a few items we always make sure to bring […]

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12 May 2017

Happy Mother’s Day from our Tough Mothers!

This article was written by ToughTested Ambassador Wendy Parker during an interview with race car driver Cassie Gannis’ mother, Kathy Gannis. Kathy Gannis never had a problem finding something on television to entertain her daughter, Cassie. From a very young age, Cassie had a fascination with racing. While her sister was entertained with things like […]

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