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21 April 2018

What Do IP Ratings Mean To You?

What Are IP Ratings?   Let’s talk IP ratings. What are they? What do those codes mean? And what are the differences between the ratings?   Ingress Protection (IP) ratings tell us how protected a device is from solids and liquids. When a product is displayed and labeled “waterproof” on the package, most people seem […]

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13 April 2018

What Do Lumens Mean To You?

What’s a Lumen?   Lumens measure the amount of light that is emitted from a source, such as a lightbulb or flashlight – and yes, it’s different than a Watt. The Lumen is an SI derived unit (International System of Units) of a luminous flux, which is the measure of perceived power of light.   […]

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01 April 2018

Introducing Ruff Tested Earbuds from ToughTested

ToughTested is proud to introduce a brand new line of rugged audio earbuds designed specifically for man’s best friend. Introducing BARK BUDS from Ruff Tested. Above all, ToughTested is proud to establish themselves as the first to offer dogs the ability to hear Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men. BARK BUDS Offer a 10x […]

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13 March 2018

Thriving in a Wisconsin Winter with Ranger Tess

As I reflect on this blog, I look back each winter storm that came down harder than the one previous. Living in Wisconsin, I feel for those that bore the brunt of this year’s significant snowstorms and harsh winter weather conditions. I feel for the Southerners that have never felt these temperatures. That evil groundhog […]

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06 March 2018

The Road to CES18 with Cassie Gannis

I recently had the honor of attending the Consumer Electronics Show with ToughTested in Las Vegas, Nevada. After loading up my truck and trailer, packing my race gear, and setting the aux cord and phone charger up to my road trip playlist, we were strapped in and headed east through the desert, marveling at everything from […]

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